I am the author of An Ásatrú Blog, a blog about my thoughts regarding the deeper theological topics of Ásatrú. I have been an Ásatrúar since 1997. I am dedicated to Óðinn, not as a poet, runemaster, or warrior, although I have some experience in all of those areas, but as a seeker of knowledge and wisdom. I am also particularly fond of Þórr and Ingvi-FreyR. I came to Ásatrú after several years of exploring Wicca but I found that even a "Norse flavored" Wicca lacked what I was looking for. Today, much of my practices are geared towards the ancient customs of the Svéar, the Swedes, but I honor and respect all of the various traditions and customs in the Heathen world, even when they don't influence my own practices and beliefs.

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