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When The Troll Wind Howls

In the dead of night lurks an ill breed
A vile thing, gorged on flesh of steed
It unmans many with brave bowels
When the Troll Wind howls

It rises up from the darkest depths
And consumes any it finds beneath its steps
Great terror men know when it growls
When the Troll Wind howls

This beast, terrible and mighty
Stalks the dark places nightly
Its face is scarred and always scowling
When the Troll Wind comes a-howling

Lock your doors and bar your windows
Lest this monster deal your kin their deathblows
Through the darkness it slinks and prowls
On those nights when the Troll wind howls


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Runes Cast and Sung

Runes Cast and Sung

Runes I cast and sing their songs.
The threads of each man’s skein
I know, I read, I help weave.

Nornir I call for wisdom to see;
Rightly I know, rightly I read
Staves of power, mighty staves.

Deeds and words are marked,
Recorded, kept, and cast.
Their songs sung, and stained truly.

Under the boughs of a windy tree
Do all the Powers sit and judge
What merit each man has done.

Runes I cast and sing their songs.
The threads of each man’s skein
I know, I read, I help weave.

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With much surprise and pleasure, I came across a website dedicated to Ásatrú poetry. I had forgotten about this site, which is sad, because I have a couple of poems on the site. So, it is with much thanks to Michaela Macha of Odin’s Gift, that I present you with a poem I wrote some years ago, which I had believed lost forever due to a hard drive failure.

I Come To The Hall Of My Brothers

I come to the hall of my brothers
Weary with sleep and spilt blood
Battle-worn, blade scarred
Hoisted upon my shield
Eagles watch my fate with hungry eyes
Ravens sing and wolves bay
There shall be a feast tonight
Honored dead greet great Val-father
Victorious, ravaged, hailed
Companions of Shield Maidens
I know one sacrifice yet to be made
That which is due the father of battle.

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